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Reaching Beyond
Our Borders

Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project – Report to USISPO from Jon Batzdorff

Based on conversations with the amputee veterans and prosthetists in Ukraine, it became clear that there was a need for help in the area of prosthetics and related rehabilitation. Specifically they needed assistance in fitting upper extremity and highly involved lower extremity amputees. The discussion that began in November developed into the ProsthetiKa Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto and Canada Ukraine Foundation agreed to lead the project, and Jon Batzdorff of ProsthetiKa agreed to organize the technical aspects and assemble a team of…

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Batzdorff's Teaching
in Tanzania

Jon Batzdorff was contacted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / Special Fund for the Disabled to provide training in fitting above-the-knee amputees with ischial containment sockets.

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Al Ingersoll Working
in Bangladesh

Al Ingersoll, CPO, USISPO Education Chair

I was fortunate to visit Bangladesh this past year and meet with numerous people and organizations focused on the disability/rehabilitation sector. Bangladesh is well served by local organizations, (BRAC)

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12th PacRim Conference

The 12th PacRim Conference was supposed to be the final one as the organizers who had done such a phenomenal job for the last 24 years were ready to enjoy life without the exhausting labors that are required in order to host such a conference. US ISPO recognized that loosing the PacRim Conference would be a loss not only to its faithful attendees, but also a lost opportunity for collaboration with the P&O Rehabilitation Professionals in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and beyond.

After discussions with US ISPO, the PacRim Board agreed to allow US ISPO to continue the tradition of the biennial PacRim Meeting in late January or early February, 2008. Keep your eyes open for more information about this exciting event.