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Reaching Beyond
Our Borders

Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project – Report to USISPO from Jon Batzdorff

Based on conversations with the amputee veterans and prosthetists in Ukraine, it became clear that there was a need for help in the area of prosthetics and related rehabilitation. Specifically they needed assistance in fitting upper extremity and highly involved lower extremity amputees. The discussion that began in November developed into the ProsthetiKa Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto and Canada Ukraine Foundation agreed to lead the project, and Jon Batzdorff of ProsthetiKa agreed to organize the technical aspects and assemble a team of…

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Batzdorff's Teaching
in Tanzania

Jon Batzdorff was contacted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / Special Fund for the Disabled to provide training in fitting above-the-knee amputees with ischial containment sockets.

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Al Ingersoll Working
in Bangladesh

Al Ingersoll, CPO, USISPO Education Chair

I was fortunate to visit Bangladesh this past year and meet with numerous people and organizations focused on the disability/rehabilitation sector. Bangladesh is well served by local organizations, (BRAC)

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Report from USISPO Chair, Jon Batzdorff

Jon Batzdorff, CPO, FAAOP

Many things are happening on the USISPO calendar as we move into the 2013 and 2014 schedules.

Starting in June, look for USISPO's quarterly articles to appear in the O and P Edge. We welcome this opportunity to share information about ISPO and the US Member Society with stories about US and worldwide activities pertaining to the international world of rehabilitation. USISPO members are encouraged to submit items of interest.

We are beginning a new branding of our conferences: Let's all Meet in.............. We'll be introducing our conference theme for the 2014 PacRim with "Let's all meet in Hawaii!". We'll be promoting the 2014 PacRim at all of the regional conferences as well as at the AOPA World Congress in Orlando.

Jon Sensinger, USISPO Board Member, will be heading up the International Outreach Committee and has invited all those interested in working on the International Outreach Committee to participate. The group will begin its work with a review of the the Code of Conduct and the Humanitarian Database. (see related article)

The AOPA/ISPO/USISPO promises to be an exciting meeting with lots of interest. USISPO has p put together a great ISPO program with a keynote speaker, a hands-on workshop on ICRC prosthetic technology for developing countries, a symposium on apprpriate4 technology, a panel on Haiti 3 years after the Earthquake, free papers and a reception. Watch for the complete program information coming soon. Let's all meet in Orlando in September!!

With regards,

Jon Batzdorff, CPO, FAAOP