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Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project – Report to USISPO from Jon Batzdorff

Based on conversations with the amputee veterans and prosthetists in Ukraine, it became clear that there was a need for help in the area of prosthetics and related rehabilitation. Specifically they needed assistance in fitting upper extremity and highly involved lower extremity amputees. The discussion that began in November developed into the ProsthetiKa Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto and Canada Ukraine Foundation agreed to lead the project, and Jon Batzdorff of ProsthetiKa agreed to organize the technical aspects and assemble a team of…

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Batzdorff's Teaching
in Tanzania

Jon Batzdorff was contacted by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) / Special Fund for the Disabled to provide training in fitting above-the-knee amputees with ischial containment sockets.

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Al Ingersoll Working
in Bangladesh

Al Ingersoll, CPO, USISPO Education Chair

I was fortunate to visit Bangladesh this past year and meet with numerous people and organizations focused on the disability/rehabilitation sector. Bangladesh is well served by local organizations, (BRAC)

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Letter from the Chair, March 2010

Kistenberg, MPH, CP, FAAOP

Robert S. Kistenberg


The Earthquake and subsequent crisis in Haiti is unlike anything ever experienced. The global response has been impressive although I admit some amount of wonder as to why it took an earthquake for the world to open their hearts, resources and wallets in a meaningful way to this poverty stricken nation.

I have found myself whirling in the activities surrounding the Haiti Amputee crisis. Requests have come in from individual practitioners, surgeons, organizations, the media and just regular people who want to try to find a way to help. The response is heart- warming and I must admit struggling at times to offer the answer to "What can I do now to help the amputees in Haiti?" My first response was the post on the US ISPO website trying to help people to know not only how to help but how their help might not be so helpful in the long run. Go to for more information.

US ISPO is currently working closely with other US P&O professional organizations to make certain our message is consistent and the N. American response has a unified approach. For the most part, this has worked beyond any previous efforts for consensus. Any of you with enough time in the profession will recognize that while there are many things practitioners in the United States do well, consensus and unification are not among them.

We are also working to put together a Haitian Prosthetic and Orthotic Portal which will enable interested parties to find the organizations/activities that are happening in Haiti related to P&O and offer their support. This proposal is in its initial stages and hopefully will be supported to become a reality.

Until then, if you want to help, go to the US ISPO website and check out the message from the Chair. It will offer a few links as well as a few things to consider.

It is because we have a consistent member base and support of so many with hearts dedicated to helping those in need of P&O care that US ISPO can do what we do. But the more members we have, the greater the impact we can deliver. Recall that ISPO is open to anyone with a passion for P&O rehabilitation including Prosthetists, Orthotists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, Engineers, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, People working in the P&O Industry and others. Please tell your colleagues about what we do and why you are a member. This is a great time to join.

I hope lastly that you will be able to come to Leipzig, Germany for the XIII Triennial Congress on May 10-15, 2010. This will be a special Congress as it is a joint ISPO and ORTHOPAEDIE + REHA-TECHNIK meeting and will be the biggest in the World.

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